Transportation, Logistics, & Manufacturing


Providing a Safer World for Industries on the Move


Our world is highly connected and highly mobile—making it essential to monitor, track, and identify employees, officers, and agents around the world. From securing access points like airports and national borders to managing on-the-go drivers and employees, Pointman Technologies has the solutions you need ensure security at every point.



Solving Transportation, Logistics, & Manufacturing Complexities

Access control:

  • One of the most important uses of ID cards is for securing entry points to critical infrastructure facilities such as airports, hospitals and ports. Pointman Technologies can help equip employees working on these sites a secure card containing electronic data that grants access to the site (often via turn styles and gates) and secure areas within the site itself.


Enterprise Intelligence:

  • Manufacturers help build stronger economies in their organizations, their communities, and around the world. Pointman Technologies is helping manufacturers succeed through our Identification Security Printing solutions that connect them to the real-time enterprise asset intelligence to work more safely without compromising creativity and ingenuity.


Safety via Multi-factor Authentication:

  • For the most secure areas, multi-factor authentication might be required. This would involve combining a personally known code (a password or PIN associated with the card) with location access and card scanning. Employees can be granted access to specialist equipment such as security scanners, IT terminals and traffic control equipment by the use of logical access control linked to a secure ID smart cards.

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