Retail ID Card Printers

Attract More Consumers and Increase Revenue with Retail Cards


Loyal clients and remarkable customer experiences mean increased bottom lines for retail shops, restaurants, and service businesses. Our on-site card printing solutions enable your company to offer customized, on-demand member cards, loyalty cards, and customer rewards programs to grow your business and enhance your customer experience.


With Pointman Technologies Printers you can:

  • Issue cards anywhere – instantly, centrally and/or remotely.
  • Deliver unique, highly personalized Retail cards quickly and conveniently.
  • Meet increasing flexibility demands with innovative card personalization technologies.
  • Drive down cost-per-card by increasing card manufacturing efficiency.


Card Programs Supported by Pointman Technologies Inc.


Gift Cards:

  • A gift card is a type of stored-value payment card commonly issued by retailers and banks. Gift cards are preloaded with a set value. There are two major types of gift cards – those that can be used only at one store chain or one location (closed loop) and those that can be used anywhere (open loop).


Prepaid Cards:

  • A prepaid card is a form of secured card that is tied to a previously deposited cash balance. Purchases made with prepaid cards are checked for approval against existing funds. Essentially a stored-value card, they usually carry major association logos and can be spent in the same way.


Loyalty Cards:

  • Creative personalized loyalty cards enable retailers, casinos and many others to reward customers with points, discounts and perks. Loyalty card programs also create opportunities to track customer data and use it to build strong, lasting relationships.


Solving Retail Complexities

Pointman Technologies printing solutions can help you create high-impact loyalty programs that resolve a host of issues that retailers across the globe face. From creating exceptional promotions to highly targeted demographics to issuing eye-catching or unique cards to shoppers, our card-printing solutions are designed to assist you with increasing shopper loyalty, executing marketing strategies more cost effectively, and more.


Instant Issuance:

  • Pointman Technologies offers easy-to-use solutions that enable retailers like you to issue plastic retail gift cards on demand at the point of sale or from a central location. With user-friendly printers and software, our products ensure smooth, easy card issuance and minimal investment during initial transition.


Personalized Marketing Programs:

  • With guidance from our experts at Pointman Technologies, we can help you drive one-to-one marketing with highly personalized, brilliant full-color customization. The right solution can track valuable consumer information so you can build a solid marketing database and create custom-tailored promotions for niche demographics and/or time-sensitive cultural events or promotions.


Customer-Centric Differentiation:

  • You can differentiate your loyalty cards and shoppers’ cards by giving cardholders a choice of background photo or illustration, and you can bring creative concepts to life by packaging and delivering gift cards on a variety of forms, including card carriers and hangtags.


Create Systems that Promote Loyalty:

  • Retail is a highly competitive industry, and the shift to online shopping requires retailers to offer incentive and loyalty programs for their customers. Reward your best customers with points, discounts, and other perks that are easily tracked with the right card solution.