Kiosk Printers

The ability to instantly print and issue cards at a self-service kiosk is valuable for many different applications. Pointman Technologies offers kiosk printers that reliably provide high capacity printing and encoding, with a variety of encoding and card hopper options available.

Our kiosk card printing machines are great for loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards, visitor badges, VTM, pre-paid cards, transportation cards and more. There are many printing options with our kiosk printers: single- or double-sided, full-color or monochrome, and with a 300 dpi resolution. These printers have various encoding options, too: magnetic stripe encoding, contact smart card encoding, and contactless smart card encoding. Hoppers are available for these kiosk card printers in 100, 300 and 500-card capacities.

Whatever type of card you need to produce at your card printing kiosks, however many cards you need to have on hand in the hoppers, and whatever type of printing you need, Pointman Technologies can supply the right printer for the job with the specs you want. Contact us today to discuss your kiosk printing needs and to get a quote!

TPK-1000 Kiosk Card Printer from Pointman Technologies Inc.

The TPK-1000 Kiosk Card Printer prints in full color as well as monochrome and comes with a single card hopper.

TPK-2000 Kiosk Card Printer from Pointman Technologies Inc.

The TPK-2000 Kiosk Card Printer includes a multi hopper with capacities of 150, 250 and 500 and prints at 300dpi.

TPK-3000 Kiosk Card Printer from Pointman Technologies Inc.

The TPK-3000 Kiosk Card Printer is incredibly reliable and requires minimal maintenance. Includes an LCD status display.

TPK-4000 Kiosk Card Printer from Pointman Technologies Inc.

The TPK-4000 Kiosk Card Printer is great for visitor badges, gift cards & more, and includes 2, 4 & 8 card hoppers.

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