Healthcare ID Card Printers

Power Your Security and Increase Patient Loyalty

At hospitals and emergency rooms, there is no down time. Constant shift changes, multiple entry and exit points, patient security, and high-demand technology are all part of the typical healthcare environment—making security, employee management, and patient/staff identification critical. Pointman Technologies offers highly sophisticated solutions to streamline your healthcare organization to prioritize safety while minimizing loss due to inefficient staff and visitor management.

Solving Healthcare Complexities


 Patient Identification and Records:

  • With Pointman Technologies Printing Solutions, healthcare providers can track patient activity, confirm patient insurance eligibility, and protect confidential records without compromising secure point-of-care access to critical patient information.


Maximize Inventory Control:

  • The proper multi-technology ID card solution from Pointman Technologies enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to maximize your inventory flow and control access to restricted or high-security areas.


Safety and Security:

  • You can increase safety and security by securing access to patient records, lab results, facilities and restricted areas. With Pointman Technologies’ intuitive solutions, you can ensure ease-of-use and systemwide adoption of systems that integrate with HIS technology.


Employee Identification and Access:

  • Monitoring the coming-and-going of employees is complicated—especially in high-traffic departments that operate 24/7. We can help you equip your facility by linking to a centralized database of images and information that integrates with your employee access control and time-and-attendance systems. With secure, durable employee ID cards and badges, you can verify identities on-screen when employees enter secure areas or forget their IDs.


Streamline and Automate Operations:

  • Save money and reduce downtime with automated functions that come with Pointman Technologies’ solutions. Automate your time and attendance records, access control, eligibility verification, inventory management, patient registration and time and attendance for daily automation and optimization.


Loyalty and Marketing Benefits:

  • As your partner in success, Pointman can help you create the proper solution for your healthcare facility. We can develop systems to create specialized IDs for cashless payment in the cafeteria or gift shop to encourage on-location transactions. Similarly, our solutions help you to track every patient interaction with your healthcare network, enabling you to offer special marketing incentives. You can strengthen patient loyalty with personalized cards and mailings that target specific groups of people, drive frequent visitor programs, and allow you to track facility and program usage.

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