Financial ID Card Printers

Exceed Expectations with On-Site, Secure Card Issuance


Financial institutions work best when they run efficiently and securely. Pointman Technologies offers high-quality card printing solutions that enable point-of-sale printing for instant card issuance. With reliable on-site printing solutions, your bank or credit union can print secure ID cards for employees to keep your people safe and on-demand ATM/debit cards to keep your customers happy.


With solutions from Pointman Technologies, you can instantly issue high-quality debit, credit and pre-paid cards that maximize cardholder satisfaction and improve the customer experience. Designed to drive innovation, our trusted portfolio of central and instant credit and debit card issuance systems deliver robust end-user experiences that drive loyalty, trust, and profitability.

Global Footprint in the Financial Industry

  • Bank of China – China
  • Raiffeisen Bank – Serbia
  • Money Mart – Canada
  • Union Bank – Phillipines
  • Transport Development – India
  • Parsagad, Sadrat, Post banks – Iran
  • KB, Nonghyup banks – Korea

Solving Financial Industry Complexities


Instant Issuance:

  • With Pointman Technologies’ instant credit and debit card issuance, you can deliver instant purchasing power, boost card portfolio performance and create an optimal in-branch experience and deepen customer. Instant issuance drives increased card usage and incremental card revenue while enhancing cost efficiency for issuance and re-issuance.


Branch and Hyperlocal Service:

  • Pointman Technologies offers you the opportunity to take your instant-issuance program to the next level with enhanced kiosk solutions. The kiosk solution offers a secure, convenient, anytime service opportunity that meets the needs of the ever-expanding innovations in the world of EMV credit, debit, and prepaid cards.


EMV and Evolving Technology:

  • Pointman Technologies’ EMV debit and credit cards are the most secure and globally interoperable form of payment card available. We will help your organization solve its need for an efficient and flexible solution to meet changing consumer expectations, optimize your investment and drive measurable results. As a trusted, long-term partner, Pointman Technologies offers expertise throughout every stage of EMV smart card program planning, production, deployment, and operation.

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