Corporate ID Card Printers

Putting Corporate Data Security into the Palm of Your Hand

From the time they clock in to the moment they clock out, your employees must feel safe at work. More security means more productivity, and our comprehensive corporate identification solutions offer simple, cost-effective ways to manage safety, access control, attendance, and visitors.

Pointman Technologies Printers employee ID card printing solutions enable you to issue secure, durable employee badges that:

  • Control access to facilities, restricted areas or parking structures
  • Grant logical access to networks, databases and other IT systems
  • Track assets, inventory, and time and attendance
  • Strengthen employee relationships through consistent branding and uniforms


Solving Corporate Complexities


Safety and Security:

  • Pointman Technologies’ corporate identification security printing solutions make it easy to incorporate smart cards and multi-factor authentication technologies to your business. With our wide variety of product and program options, you can easily find a solution that aligns with your schedule, budget, and needs.


Total Cost of Operation:

  • Pointman Technologies’ identification security printing solutions are designed to minimize the total cost of operation. We offer industry-leading hardware, software, and exclusive intelligent supplies to ensure you receive reliable solutions with simple, clear upgrade paths that reduce cost, optimize performance and reduce re-issuance to support environmentally friendly initiatives.


Security Infrastructure:

  • Fully secure identification ID cards rarely exist in stand-alone programs. They are typically part of a larger security infrastructure with multiple touchpoints throughout your organization. This is why Pointman Technologies Identification Security Printing solutions are designed for plug-and-play interoperability—so you can add them to existing systems quickly and easily while maintaining your budget. Our multi-function cards can handle identification, access control, and various transactions to ensure you are not adding repetitive products to your solution.

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