ID Card Reader Manufacturer in California
ID Card Reader Manufacturer in California - Pointman Technologies Inc.

Pointman Technologies is an ID Card Reader Manufacturer in California that creates card readers. A card reader is a hardware device that lets you read and write data on a memory card, credit card, or debit card’s magnetic strip or microchip. It is often used to deliver data to computers or other devices for display or storage purposes. Basically, a card reader is used to access the contents of a card in a given format and passes them on to another device. Some card reader machines have one card slot, while others have multiple card slots for different types of cards. Several card reader devices are available in the market and can read various cards including barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity, contactless smart card, and EMV.

Which Businesses or Organizations Use Card Readers in California?

Card readers are worthwhile and useful in different industries. Banks and financial institutions use a wide range of card readers such as ATMs to offer convenient banking solutions while protecting sensitive customer data, and safeguarding their customers’ online transactions. In the education sector, card readers are used to intensify safety and security in the school compounds, by including high quality student, staff and faculty ID badges. Also for comprehensive healthcare security solutions, many hospitals are opting for card readers to create a safe environment for patients and personnel. In the transportation industry and sports, card readers are very useful in providing access control to membership programs, e-purse applications, and even reserved venues. Also, government agencies make use of card readers to securely verify identities and issue highly secure citizen IDs or government credentials. Various businesses have used card readers for convenient access to buildings, computer login, and cashless vending. The card reader technology has also been developed over time and can be incorporated in most organizations, businesses, and industries.

California Card Reader Models Manufactured by Pointman Technologies

Pointman Technologies manufactures a wide selection of card reading machines for several different cards and applications using magnetic stripes, contact or contact-less technologies. They include:

  • TCM-2000

The TCM-2000 is a high-end motorized card reader and writer. With a high feed speed of 450 mm/sec and card transport at 560 mm/sec. The TCM 2000 is a highly reliable card reader and can handle more than 4 million passes. It features full-shutter and optional anti-phishing for increased security. This motor driven card reader is perfect for use with your ATM, CD and other payment systems.

  • TCM-3000

The TCM-3000 is a magnetic stripe and contact smart card reader as well as card writer that is precisely designed for accuracy, reliability, and security. It features a triple and side track read capability, Hico/Loco write ability, a high feed speed of 400mm/sec and an RS-232C Interface. Its compact size and light weight allow for easy installation in any terminal. This desktop card reader is ideal for banking ATMs, kiosk terminals, retail POS terminals, access control terminals and other identification terminals.

  • TDR Series Card Reader

The Pointman TDR Series card reader can read all three tracks of a standard magnetic stripe card encoded to both LOCO and HICO coercivity levels, and can also read and write a conventional smart card. It is a manual full insertion card reader and features a mechanical shutter as well as a locking function to increase reliability and prevent insertion of foreign objects. It can handle one million passes making it a highly dependable card reader.

  • TTM Series Card Reader

The durable TTM series from Pointman is a compact-size motorized card reader featuring numerous security options such as anti-skimming, secure head and full shutter support. It offers a safe and accurate reading of smart cards and magnetic stripe data on cards for vending machines, kiosks, gift cards, fare collection systems, payment systems and more.

Choose Pointman Technologies for All Your Card Reader Manufacturing in California Needs

Being a global leader in identity protection for more than two decades, Pointman Technologies has set the standard for innovation in card reader devices. Trusted by banks, schools, hospitals, government agencies and industry leaders worldwide, Pointman Technologies offers the industry’s wide-ranging selection of card reader technology. Choose from high-frequency, high-quality, multi-technology smart card or contactless technology that best meets your needs. Moreover, the card reader technology is continually evolving, and Pointman Technologies keeps up-to-date with the changes in order to be more reliable, compliant and functional while offering a high level of security.

TCM-2000 ID Card Reader Manufacturer in California

Magnetic Stripe and Contact Smart Card Reader & Writer for Banking ATM, Kiosk.

TCM-3000 ID Card Reader Manufacturer in California

Field Proven Technology for Magnetic Stripe and Contact Smart Card Reader & Writer.

TTM-Series ID Card Reader Manufacturer in California

A compact-size motorized card reader that is focused on reducing the dimension for space.


TDR-Series ID Card Reader Manufacturer in CaliforniaManual full insertion card reader of magnetic stripe and smart cards.



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