ID Card Printer Manufacturer in California
ID Card Printer Manufacturer in California Pointman Technologies Inc.

Pointman Technologies is ID Card Printer Manufacturer in California. If you’ve ever received a new license or ID card, you’ve likely come across an identity card printer. Identity card, or ID card, printers are electronic devices usually consisting of single card feeds that can personalize and print PVC plastic cards. Most ID cards generated by our technology are for access and permission control, ATM use, or simply for identification. Usually, the dimensions of these ID cards are 85.60 x 53.98mm — the ISO/IEC 7810 standard. Our printers are expertly designed, generally including punching, laminating, and stripping functions. You can use ID card printers in a variety of printing processes such as:

  • Thermal Transfer

This printing process is used to personalize in monochrome the pre-printed PVC plastic cards. The monochrome is what transfers the color to the ID card.

  • Dye Sublimation

This is the process of using four-color panels as the CMYK color ribbon specifies. The ID card you want to print will have to go below the print head many times and with a corresponding panel of ribbon each time. Each of the colors is sublimated or diffused directly to the ID card. This process is what makes it possible to manufacture high depths of colors that reach 16 million shades on the ID card.

  • Reverse Image Technology

This process is used for printing high-security cards, and it makes use of contact or contactless smart chip technology. This procedure involves the printing of images below a unique film that can fuse to a card surface via pressure and heat.

  • Thermal Rewrite Print Process

This process does not personalize the ID card through the color ribbon but does so instead through the activation of the thermal sensitive foil which is inside the card.

ID card printers are put to good use in a variety of sectors, including: government organizations, schools, and health facilities. Pointman Technologies supplies to clients in each of these domains.

Pointman Technologies Inc. is an ID card printer manufacturer in California. We proudly manufacture ID card printers for use in a variety of industries. We provide high-quality, affordable ID card printers which help organizations ensure security and quality with their permission control procedures. Our ID card printers have outstanding features that help our customers meet their organizational goals. These include:

  • Built-in security and innovative features like contactless and contact encoding, MI fare Encoding, and Mag encoding.
  • High-capacity, half and full-color ribbons at affordable rates
  • Our ID card printers are versatile, producing solid printing in a scalable and modular design that makes their migration to high-level security systems simple.
  • Our card printers come with a warranty period of 5 years. This warranty covers the print head and hot swap.


What Specific Card Printer Models Does Pointman Technologies Inc. Manufacturer in California?

Pointman Technologies Inc. manufactures the following card printers:


This card printer is a single card printer which prints directly to the card. This single-sided printer produces sharp color and prints from edge-to-edge. The design of the Nuvia N10 card printer is compact and lightweight. The printer is efficient and eminently usable.

NUVIA N10 Dual Sided

We also offer the Nuvia N10 dual-sided printer. This machine prints on both sides directly to cards. It also features monochrome and color printing with an easy-to-replace ribbon.

Nuvia N20

This single-sided printer prints directly to the card. It has a personal card slot which you can use for ATM cards, ID badges, Access Control cards, Gift cards, Loyalty cards style, and more. The print head is easy to replace, coming with RFID protection. This machine also boasts a 100 card input hopper. Our clients love the lightweight design of the Nuvia N20. The NUVIA N20 single sided card printer can print on 190 colored cards per hour.


This card printing machine is perfect for membership cards, ID badges, access control IDs, and more. Like the N20, this printer can print directly onto cards single-sided. Like many of our products, this printer produces 800 monochrome cards per hour with an easy-to-service ribbon and print head.


Why choose Pointman Technologies for Your Business’s California ID Card Printer Needs?

Choosing Pointman Technologies is the first step in turning your California ID card printer needs into a reality. We are a recognized leader in this industry committed to protecting the safety and security of our clients. Our printing solutions are already improving identification and access controls in more than 80 countries all around the world. We are a leading ID Card Printer Manufacturer in California. Our clients appreciate not only our products but the service they can count on when working with Pointman.

We emphasize the things our clients love, such as:

  • Fast delivery.
    Once you place your order, we ensure your printer is delivered as quickly as possible to its destination. We care about your satisfaction, so we can guarantee your item will arrive damage free.
  • 24/7 Support
    Post-purchase support is available to all clientele. Our amazing customer support team will work with you to address any challenge you may be facing. If you encounter unexpected glitches or snags, reach out to us for a solution. Our team here at Pointman takes pride in our professionalism and technical competence.

We’re proud of our products at Pointman Technologies. We know that hundreds of schools, hospitals, businesses, and government organizations rely on our superior technology to keep their operations running. That’s why we put so much energy, expertise, and competence into our machines. As a leading ID card printer manufacturer in California, we take unparalleled pride in our craft.

Our range of innovative card printers, in-built security features, and versatile technology come at always competitive prices. Each of our products is backed by a five-year warranty– just one sign of our confidence that you’ll be satisfied with Pointman.

If you’re in the market for an ID card printer, we invite you to join our international portfolio of clients and businesses enjoying our technology every day. As a proud ID Card Printer Manufacturer in California, we can’t wait to make your company goals a reality.

Nuvia N10 Card Printers from Pointman Technologies Inc.

The NUVIA N10 single sided direct-to-card printer produces vibrant color and edge-to-edge printing in a compact and light-weight design.

Nuvia N10 Dual Sided Card Printers from Pointman Technologies Inc.

The NUVIA N10 dual sided direct-to-card printer features color & monochrome printing and an easy-to-replace ribbon.

Nuvia N20 Single Sided Card Printers from Pointman Technologies Inc.

The NUVIA N20 single sided direct-to-card printer features an individual card slot for ATM-style printing and a 100 card input hopper.

Nuvia N30 Single Sided Card Printers from Pointman Technologies Inc.

The NUVIA N30 single sided direct-to-card printer is perfect for ID badges, access control cards, membership cards & more.

All of our products are available through our network of approved distributors.