Get Back-to-School Ready with Education Card Printers
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Get Back-to-School Ready with Education Card Printers

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The new school year will be here before we know it. If you work in education, you’re extremely aware of the fast-approaching ring of the first bell. Are you ready? As you’re getting classrooms in order, new faculty properly trained, and facilities ready for students, make space on your list for the new requirements for a high-functioning school in 2018. Digital tools have made people expect more from our institutions. Fortunately, education card printers can help you live up to – and even exceed – those expectations.

How could something as simple as high-quality printers for your school IDs make such a big impact? Let’s take a look.

Education Card Printers for Security

Unfortunately, we live in a world where security needs to be a top concern for every school. You’re already working hard to create a secure environment. Why not implement something tangible to show off that effort and keep every part of your campus protected?

When you’re able to print ID cards on demand, you can issue identification for every single person who sets foot on your campus. Visitors and volunteers can’t wander around anonymously. With your printers at the ready, you make it easy for parents to visit the school but prevent access to those who wouldn’t want to be identified.

The identification itself isn’t the only benefit, either. You can use ID card readers to control access to different parts of your school. If a volunteer is supposed to be helping out in a math class in a certain building, you can ensure his or her badge gives access to that building – and no others.

Education card readers can also help you prevent theft. Place them at the entrance of any area where valuables are kept. That way, if a slew of art supplies suddenly go missing, you can hone in on who was in the studio at that time. Your ability to pinpoint the thief with such accuracy will deter others from trying to nab from the school.

School ID Card Printers for Easy Payment

Today’s students don’t carry cash. Before you start implementing credit card readers throughout campus (and paying the fees that inevitably come with them), consider an education card printer. You can use your students’ ID cards as a payment system. They can load money onto the card and use it in the cafeteria, bookstore, laundry facilities, and wherever else they might need money.

School ID Uses for Students

Payment isn’t the only reason an ID card could be useful in the cafeteria. You can also use these identification badges to track dietary restrictions. Your school has inevitably felt the strain of trying to protect your students’ health as more and more students are coming to school with these restrictions. With an ID badge that notes what a student can and can’t eat, you empower your cafeteria staff to serve the right meals to the right people.

Your student ID card uses can extend across your campus. You can use them to allow residents access to dorms after hours while keeping non-residents out. You can use them in your library to track who’s got which books. These ID cards can help you control event access and come in handy even for completely open events. When you open the doors to everyone, it can be tricky to tell who actually showed up. If students scan their badges at entry, you can get a clearer idea of which parts of your student body are interested in certain activities.

Education Card Printer for Campus Branding

Today’s students expect digital connectivity. They’ll see older payment systems and headcount methods as antiquated. If you can give them access to your campus and their own money with the simple swipe of a card, you’ll be speaking their language. And with a beautiful ID branded with your school colors and mascot, you’ll be encouraging them to speak yours.

At the same time, integrating education card printers at your school empowers your staff. Today’s faculty has more to worry about than ever before. They shouldn’t also have to focus on which students showed up to their larger lecture class or which students should be in the photography studio. By putting a school ID system in place, you clear the headache of attendance and area access control off their plate.

Are you ready to get education card printers set up at your school before the new year starts? Pointman Technologies is here to help you get back-to-school ready. ​Contact us today to learn about our line of top-tier ​school ID card​ printers and readers.

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