Do You Really Need an ID Card Printer?
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Do You Really Need an ID Card Printer?

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More and more companies, schools, and institutions are issuing ID cards. In our age where security is a heightened concern, these badges seem like a natural preventative measure. But does that mean they’re right for your company? Implementing an ID card system can seem daunting and expensive. Where would you even start? Actually, the answer is fairly simple. All you need to get started is an ID card printer.

Buying your own printer makes it possible for you to create the exact type of identification that will be most beneficial for your business. That could be straightforward identification badges. It could be cards that, when read, allow access to certain physical areas. It could be a payment system for your in-house cafeteria. It could even extend to your customers, giving them an easy way to track with your loyalty program.

Here are just a few of the key benefits your business could realize by investing in an ID card printer.

Greater Security

Imagine if every single person who set foot on your business property was identified. What if you could track every visitor who came to your location? What if you could ensure that only the right people had access to sensitive areas? An ID card printer gives you the power to do all that and more. With your printer at the ready, you can create badges on demand. Unexpected visitors or sudden needs to restrict access to certain areas are no problem.

An ID badge printer can also help you protect your property. Position badge readers at the entrance to every room that holds items you want to control. That could be your inventory or expensive equipment that would be easy to steal. With ID cards on every employee, it’s easy to know who was where if something does go missing.

Not only does an ID card printer allow you to secure your building and property, it also helps you keep your information more secure. Printing ID cards with an outside vendor would require you to give them the personal details of every single individual on your staff. Are you comfortable with that level of risk? By giving your team the power to print your ID cards internally, you ensure that sensitive data stays in the right hands.

Greater Flexibility

The right ID card printers will make it easy to print any and all badges you need on the fly. If you have a large client visit your campus, you can have their professional, easy-to-use badges ready for them upon arrival. Those high-quality ID cards can give them access to the right parts of your company while protecting your sensitive information. All the while, you’ll be impressing them with your ability to integrate them into your existing security system with such ease.

Similarly, you can wow new customers by giving them a personal card that they can use to enroll in and take advantage of your loyalty program.

Greater Financial Control

The ROI on a card printer is high. More and more businesses are moving to ID cards for a reason. When you’re ready to join them, you can either invest in your own printer or find an outside vendor. That vendor will most likely charge for small batch prints and last-minute needs. When you have your own printer, you can create whatever identification you need – whenever you need it.

Your ID badge printer also helps you minimize your liability and the costs associated with it. Your insurer will be happy to know you’re controlling access to the most important parts of your business. Your printer can be key in avoiding claims – and all of the headache and expense that comes with them.

Get the Right ID Card Printer

If you’re ready to get your business set up with the ability to print identification on demand, you should know that not all ID card printers are created equal. Your business will be best served by a highly accurate printer that uses inks and cards that are affordable. At Pointman Technologies, our warrantied badge printers will give your business the versatility and reliability it needs. Contact us today and we can recommend the best printer fit for your company.

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